Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Should I stay or should I go?

I'm having a small dilemma: There's a saying in Byrd, "If a plane lands, get on it". I'm due to fly out of Byrd on Friday (we potentially have flights scheduled for both Thursday and Friday), and I have to be on a flight out of McMurdo on Monday in order to catch my flight home from Christchurch, but there is a flight due out of Byrd this evening
(Wednesday) which I could get on if I want...

Given the recent reliability of flights heading in the right direction at the right time (the guy sitting opposite me got delayed 11 days flying out of Byrd last year), it would be sensible to take heed of the writing on the (toilet) wall. However, I have yet to get to a GPS site - I've only been to seismic sites so far - so if we have a good forecast for tomorrow I am thinking I will take a chance and try to squeeze in one more day.

What do you think?! A decision has to be made within the next hour. I wonder what my next post will say...

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