Friday, 2 December 2011

Cabin fever

No news is bad news.

Thursday: mechanical cancel, apparently the C-130's (aeroplanes) are pretty unreliable, so I'm happy to wait for one that works.
Friday: we are listed as a back-up flight, spend the whole day watching a screen and pressing 'refresh' to see if we get the go-ahead. We don't.
Saturday: The current runway is about to become the sea again, so we have to wait until they get the new one up and running.
Sunday: no fly day.
Monday: potential escape.

They don't have the twin otter (smaller plane, with skis) in Byrd yet, so I'm not missing any work, but it would be nice be there to nest into my tent. Also, since I know I won't fly Saturday or Sunday, at least I can do something other than wait in front of a computer. All suggestions to avoid insanity on a postcard, please.

On a lighter note, two adelie penguins were apparently kicking around the ice runway today, which I'm taking as a good luck sign. And at least we don't have the problem that the Brits had at Rothera the other day: runway blocked by an iceberg!

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