Saturday, 26 November 2011

The waiting game

We're supposed to fly to Byrd tomorrow, and have already been bumped to Tuesday, but there is a pretty big backlog as nothing has flown for about five days, so it is time to play the waiting game. I've been cramming my days to keep me occupied. So here are a few photos from the last few days:

Some of yesterday's race route (the road down on the bottom/right). I didn't realise the hill was that long...

A well-earned Thanksgiving Dinner. I *nearly* managed to eat all of it.

The result of eating too much at Thanksgiving Dinner (don't tell Dave I've posted this photo).

A stirring walk was needed after eating so much, so our group of scientists headed out to Scott's Hut, just half a mile away.

Today I headed out for a longer walk with Dave: a lap of Observation Hill, and then a quick sprint up to the summit to finish. Amazing views, freezing cold in the wind, and toasty warm in the sun when you're out of the wind. Dave completed the walk in trainers and a light jacket, completely oblivious to the weather - reminded me of Robin!!

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