Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Allergic to McMurdo

The fact that I'm posting is part good news and part bad news.

The bad news is that I'm still in McMurdo. There are now 7 of us waiting to get to Byrd Camp, ready to jump on a plane at the drop of a hat. I got as far stripping my bed and heading out the door yesterday before we were told that bad weather inland meant that they weren't flying. Some of the boys made it as far as the ice runway - really gutting. I've now also been leapfrogged as two more experienced people flew in from Christchurch, so they get priority and I will be on the second flight out, whenever that is...

The good news is that I've not been incarcerated! I've been feeling really rubbish the last 24 hours, and with the possiblity of a flight at any time I was holding off heading to medical in case they decided I was properly ill and quarantined me (although this would obviously be the sensible thing to do...). I passed the decision on this morning by asking one of our PIs (principal investigators) what to do, and he sent me straight off to medical. Oh ok. I looked as perky as possible and tried not to sneeze everywhere, and was rewarded with the news that it's just a cold, made worse by a mild allergy to McMurdo dust. Phew. So I have a selection of exciting pills to take, and I'm still good to fly at any time.

The second good news is that flights are now coming in from Christchurch, and this means fresh fruit and vegetables!! There were even limes at lunch, so I gobbled several down segments in the hope that this will speed up my recovery.

As ever, I hope not to be posting tomorrow...

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