Wednesday, 23 November 2011

How many Pippa's are there in Antarctica?

I wonder how many Pippa's there are in Antarctica right now? Well this one is in McMurdo, all trained up to survive in the snow, and ready to head out to Byrd Camp. Nothing is flying in or out of here at the moment as the weather seems to be distinctly scottish - big fat flakes of snow and near zero temperatures, making everything turn to black ice, cunningly hidden by an inch of powder. It's prettier than the dusty mining town I was expecting though.

There's a little more training to do, a little more eating to do, and definitely some sleeping to catch up on. We celebrate Thanksgiving on Saturday, then the plan is the weather clears up and we fly out to the middle of nowhere. I've attached a picture of me practising for this part :-) We all have our names on our jackets, cos once you put on three hats and a balaclava it gets a bit tricky to work out who you're talking to!!

Right now, it is time to eat (this could be said of any time though) - I really need to escape from McMurdo, because the food here is free, and there is a lot of it...

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